Punjabi Chhole

I have been hit by the flu virus (thanks little human!) and so the onus of dinner-making has fallen fair and squarely on the husband. While he is very hands-on with the kid and most of the household chores in spite of being a pro-level procrastinator, cooking is something he avoids most days! It isn’t... Continue Reading →

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Diary of a compulsive list-maker

Oh my God! Is it September already? To realise I haven’t posted a single blog in a month and I have been cooking so many stories in my mind! That’s some admission of how much of a procrastinator I am; or how busy the last month has been. Not to mention, it has been a... Continue Reading →

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Quick and Easy Mishti Doi

A Sunday lunch or, for that matter, any celebratory lunch for a Bengali is never complete without mishti doi - the creamy, sweet and slightly tangy, heavenly dessert - incomparable in the kind of foodgasm it brings about. While it is so coveted and loved, seldom is it prepared at home; more so, because it... Continue Reading →

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DIY Grooming Hack **Gone Wrong**

With everything under lockdown and stocks running low, we are trying out various popular internet hacks to make our lives easier - and so, we tried removing the husband's blackheads with a DIY hack - check out the hilarious results that ensued. https://youtu.be/2Kddm-jxd5g Do like/share/subscribe to our YouTube Channel and blog if you enjoy the... Continue Reading →

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