Nolen Gur Kachagolla

One of my favourite Bengali sweets, I used to look forward to kachagollas all year, especially the ones made with nolen gur. That’s simply because nolen gur was/is available only in winter and that’s when this sweet delight is prepared.

But try as you may, you can not find any kachagolla in any shop here.So, like everything else, I decided to make my own kachagolla and eat it too! And what do you do when you come up with such sudden decisions? You call your mother – who told me in a rather strict tone that she has never made any, and has no idea whatsoever , but then handed me the whole recipe verbose.

Then, I tried it a few months back, and then tried it again

Prep: 20 min. Cooking: 10 min.

Try making the chhena (cottage cheese) at home & remove as much water as you can


  • Hung cottage cheese or chhena/chhana: 200g
  • Nolen gur in a thick paste: 2-3 tbsp
    • Sugar: 1tsp
    • Condensed milk: 1tbsp (optional) or powdered milk: 1tbsp
    • Ghee: 1tbsp
    • My shortcut: Maida or refined flour: about a tsp (optional)
    • Garnish: dry fruit of choice


    • Knead the chhana and sugar with the heel of your palm until smooth
    • Add the liquidised gur, and  knead some more
    • To speed up the cooking process and better binding, add the Maida and knead it into the mix
    • Heat a pan, preferably non-stick, and add the ghee to melt and heat up
    • Add the chhana mixture and stir well so it doesn’t stick to the pan
    • Add in the condensed milk and stir some more for about 4-5 minutes, until the mixture leaves the pan and picks up a glaze. It should be slightly glazed too from all the caramelising
    • Take off the heat and let it cool. Make small balls by rolling in your palms. Use ghee on your palm to avoid sticking.
    • Garnish with some dry fruits and relish 😃

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