Quick and Easy Mishti Doi

A Sunday lunch or, for that matter, any celebratory lunch for a Bengali is never complete without mishti doi – the creamy, sweet and slightly tangy, heavenly dessert – incomparable in the kind of foodgasm it brings about.

While it is so coveted and loved, seldom is it prepared at home; more so, because it is so easily available at your local sweetmeat store or paadar moira… my craving for mishti doi grew when I spent a few years of my childhood in Shillong, Meghalaya, whose climate is totally relatable to me now in the UK. The low temperature meant, curdling of milk and hence the preparation of mishti doi was quite an arduous task.. But then, my foodie family managed to procure one big bhnad every Sunday and I ALWAYS got the top, creamy layer.. Yum!

Cut to present day, the unexpectedly warm temperatures in Coventry made me realise, ‘hey, we can make mishti doi here too, if it was available in Shillong in summers’! But the process is time-consuming and needs the ‘seed’ of some existent mishti doi (eh?!).. Now, why would I need to make mishti doi at home, if it was available in any shape or form to me in the first place, right?! Right!

Too many exclamations later, I just decided, I will try and make it.. And make it fast, because, a. I am impatient b. The little one is more impatient. The worst possible scenario would be an unsuccessful experiment.. But well, the husband is home on a Sunday and nothing sweet goes to waste…

So here is my version of the 10 min mishti doi variant.. Of course I haven’t added in the time it takes to chill, but you do the math based on how long you wish to wait..

Ingredients (makes 4 medium portions)

  • Full fat Greek yoghurt – 250g
  • Condensed milk – 50-75g
  • Double cream or creme fraiche – 2tbsp
  • Nolen gur – 1tbsp mixed in 2 tbsp milk (optional) – I used it because I had some
  • Cardomom powder – optional – I haven’t used any, and prefer not to


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and give a brisk whisk for 2-3 mins
  • Pour the mix into a microwave safe bowl (tada! No slogging with an oven or pressure cooker) and let it go on full power for 1-2min (depending on how cold and dry your mix is) , checking every 30 sec to see if the top has slightly firmed up and offers some resistance.
  • Take good care the mix doesn’t curdle at this stage
  • Once done, chill it in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours
  • Enjoy on a warm summer day, or just about any day.

Mine was a hit, it brought back so many beautiful memories that just sweetened the little pot of joy a little more.. Do give it a try, and do let me know if yours was a hit or a miss..

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