Diary of a compulsive list-maker

Oh my God! Is it September already?

To realise I haven’t posted a single blog in a month and I have been cooking so many stories in my mind!

That’s some admission of how much of a procrastinator I am; or how busy the last month has been. Not to mention, it has been a glorious fest of sunshine and happy days, and a few trips here and there. If you know me, you would know how I love preparing lists (in bullets) and so, I will enlist all about my August 2018, because:

  • It has been quite eventful and hectic
  • It will help me manage a few of my later posts

Here it goes:

  • A trip to North Yorkshire Dales and the city of York – this was a weekend trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary and what a fabulous time did we have! It is on the top of my list for short weekend getaways in England now.

    Bolton Abbey – as scenic as fun
  • A sudden trip to Switzerland – 2 DAYS AFTER we came back from York. This was a spur of the moment decision, taken by the husband to celebrate his birthday, so the planning, lists, checklists – all that I do before any holiday – had to be done at superfast express speed… and was it worth it? Oh, yes… totally! The only pitfall – the heat… In Switzerland! Who would have thought?!

    Down the funicular and into Thunersee
  • Finally finishing off the living room decor and a bit of the kitchen – doing up a home is quite an organic process, so it is an ever-ongoing one too; especially when you like an open plan design and have a toddler in tow. But any progress made in the right direction is something to pat our collective backs about, right?
  • Sorted a few of my travel albums and shelves – so now I’m kitted out to write about our travels and travails from the last year (or two?!) – watch this space for more – that is, if I don’t begin procrastinating again
  • Upcycled a few bobs and bits around the house – we’re trying our best to reduce wastage and act responsibly towards the planet.. hopefully, I will have something to show for this soon
  • Connected with friends outside of social media – this is a BIG ONE. In this day and age of social media and lazy means of communication, we tend to push this down our list of priorities but trust me, it felt so, so good to gate-crash a friend’s birthday party (you know it, if you’re reading this) and then to meet a few others over dinner on another day.
    Fun fact: I ended up making a new friend! 🙂
  • Fell ill – felt scared for dear life and so have decided to live wisely. Therefore, I have made some form of physical exercise a part of my daily routine – nah! Still won’t run… 😀
  • Have pledged to eat healthily and worked out a few more simple, healthy, quick and delish dishes (read: fish pies, frittatas, scones – yes!) to get me past the tough times of not gorging on food that makes me clench my heart for hours, for reasons more than love
  • Purchased the domain name for my website (yay!) so no more unwelcome ad pop-ups – just uninterrupted gab from yours truly – don’t we all love it?

And while I am up to the task of making lists (told you, I love doing it!) and this is turning out to be one self-fulfilling post, why don’t I make another for the coming month, rather the month that I am in:

  • Meet more friends for real, outside the domain of social media and the internet
  • Cook and eat more healthy food and stick to being healthy and not go back to the hospital
  • Blog about all the things listed above and below
  • Crack some more DIY/ upcycling projects – some are still doing the rounds of my head so, let’s see…
  • Clear out the closets, unpack some more cartons and make the house more home
  • PREPARE FOR DURGA PUJO – get our ethnic outfits in order, the house cleaned and all the paraphernalia associated with the yearly Bong binge fest, except I will eat well (ahem!)
  • Have fun with the little one – this one is a given, isn’t it?

Wow… I am glad to be back on blogosphere and happy to reconnect with you all. But the thing am most chuffed about is I have made my lists – it just brings so much clarity to life, don’t you think? Are you a list maker like me? How do you sort your schedule and plan your activities? What tools do you use – good old pen and paper or some fun apps? Or, like the husband, do you need help starting up on making lists? Do let me know , so we can help each other.

Until next time,

Paulomi x



4 thoughts on “Diary of a compulsive list-maker

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  1. Hello! I discovered your blog while looking up my pseudonym on Google. Your layout is quite pleasant – I have a fledgling blog of my own, and I now have some fresh design ideas in hand!

    This post, though, speaks to me. I am a motormind, jumping from one thing to the next, and naturally, used to lead a messy existence. Worse, what I needed the most – making to-do lists – seemed to be the most boring task in the world. That was until I found Todoist, an app that helped me finally set my life in order. Of course, sometimes I am too lazy to even use the app, but I can at least rest easy knowing I’m not forgetting anything. I’m certain your husband will like it too!

    Keep writing, and do check out my blog as well. Cheers!


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