Hi and welcome to The Interrobong. My name is Paulomi and here, I chronicle and share my updates, stories, trials, tactics and tips on leading a healthy, happy, productive and inspired life ❤

In my work life, I have worn a few different hats. Trained in and having practiced Architecture for more than a decade, in India and then the UK, circumstances brought me into the world of marketing, PR, Communications and writing, to managing campaigns, each of it thoroughly creative and extremely enjoyable. But nothing prepared me for the job of a lifetime – being a Mum. It’s been a little over three years, and each day has been equally challenging, exhausting, different and rewarding, in a way I could never have thought possible.

Having lived in various parts of India for the major part of my life (but never Bengal, except on holidays), I made a huge life(style) shift, and moved to  Coventry, UK, where I now live with my husband, SJ and the little one. And less than a year ago, we took a major step towards adulting – we bought the ‘old, new house’- a project as demanding of our time and attention as our darling daughter. In all of this, I somehow have managed to remain the inquisitive, interrogative Bengali, who loves to procrastinate, read, travel, eat, cook, create, speak and question the world around me, and some more. Oh! And click pictures, and decorate, and shop… Ergo, enter Blogland to seek some more love and attention. So, you can expect new blog content a handful of times a week on The Interrobong.

Naturally, I love Pinterest and Instagram Come say hello!

So, what should you expect here?

I love trying my hand at something new every day. While I end up ruining most; I do end up creating a masterpiece every now and then (not quite!). Also, as a first-time mom, I want to save and pass on the artisanal quality of creating things in this day and age of supermarkets, high street and fast living, as well as do my bit to conserve the planet through up-cycling, reducing wastage and creating sustainable, one-off pieces, just like my super-talented mum. But of course, I do most things on super-shortcut mode, or how would you manage everything within your waking hours?! You will also find me ruminating about parenting and feminism every now and then, as well as talk about our last or next trip – travelling with a toddler has its own share of joys and troubles and so, a bit of comradeship in all of this is almost always welcome.

There’s also the wish to share – food, culture, crafts, especially Bengali, but also from all the places I call(ed) home with the world at large, and bringing the bigger world and its many marvels into the home and life of the quintessential Bengali. Who knows, maybe, my story resonates with you?! And in return, you can share yours J

So, go through the posts and feel free to comment or contact me with any questions, suggestions, anecdotes or links.

Do stay in touch.

Aashi (See you)

Paulomi x




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